I’m Danielle White and I’ve spent the last ten years getting people moving smoothly and feeling better, because you need to sort the first, before you can enjoy the second!

From being a fitness manager, to running Restore Health & Wellbeing and becoming an educator and master trainer for Burrell Education and IAM tools, my focus has always been on helping you find exactly the right route when it comes to exercise and massage, to bring your body back to optimum performance and comfort.

My Background

Originally from Shropshire, I lived in London for seven years before accepting how much I missed the countryside. In 2016 and accepting the grass was greener out there, I moved to Hertford and also made some pivotal professional decisions, changing direction to focus on massage education and continuing my work in Sports Therapy and Women’s Health and Wellness.

As a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, lecturer, teacher and coach I’m passionate about helping clients improve their health and well-being, but I also relish working with and training other therapists, helping you develop your own techniques and growing and marketing your practice. 

My Practice

Having focused on massage since 2013 I know that this is only one piece of the puzzle. Whilst there’s no doubt that massage helps you feel better, it’s subsequent movement that helps take you away from pain and develops your body’s functional strength. My specialisation is supporting and empowering you to optimum fitness, whether you’ve undergone surgery, have sustained an injury or have recently given birth.

The two main areas of my practice are:

Soft Tissue Therapy and Movement

Helping you come back from injury or surgery, supporting, treating and guiding you to your personal best with a variety of different therapy technique. From working with Footballers at a retreat in Hungary with M606 to Professional Golfers, my approach always takes in your whole body rather than just the area of trauma.

Women’s Health and Wellness

I specialise in helping women of all ages with a variety of issues which in many cases, and due to a range of causes, have made them wary of exercise yet desperate to rid themselves of pain and discomfort. As a previous educator for Burrell education in pregnancy massage and post-nataI remedial therapy, I also provide support during and after pregnancy. Becoming a core and pelvic floor coach marked my progression into female health and wellness, with a deeper focus on pelvic health during pregnancy, postnatally and beyond. I have developed programmes for all ages, to help you get back on your feet and feeling comfortable and well again.

My Services

Every body is different and each of our sessions is specifically designed to meet the needs of yours and I love nothing more than seeing you become pain free. If you think you could do with some help but are unsure where to go first, why not book a complimentary consultation call to see if I can help. If you aren’t quite ready to work with me I have a list of tried and trusted health and medical professionals to help you get back on the right track.

Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy

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Exercise and Injury Management

Personal Training for women

Women’s Wellness Programmes

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Massage Therapy Education

Massage therapy courses

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Trained With

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