Think you have a diastasis?

Learn about your tummy after birth with a £9.99 Diastasis Check up!

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Most women aren’t told much about what  diastasis recti is, or if they are they may not be given the most up to date information. The Diastasis Check Up is desgined to help you learn about your body so you can go back to doing the things you love!

What is involved in the Diastasis Check up?

  • A detailed online pre screen form to find out more about you and your goals before our appointment

  • A Live Diastasis Check and Posture Assessment at Hoddesdon and North Finchley locations.

  • A personalised report from your Diastasis Check Up with suggestions going forwards.

Diastasis Check Up

Normal Price: £40

The Diastasis Check up is only £9.99*

*For a limited time only

What is a diastasis?

This is a common concern for new mums post natal and feeling the abs are ‘splitting apart’ or feel they have a tummy gap and wanted them to knit back together.

Diastasis Recti is a lengthening and stretching of the whole abdominal wall, not just the linea alba between the abdominal muscles. It occurs during pregnancy and remains in the post natal period.

It can also occur in people who have not had a baby. (When you see body builders with their defined 6 pack; they often have a diastasis!).

Diastasis recti

Optional Extras and Add-ons to the Check up

  • A 45 Minute Diastasis Recovery Massage

  • A Beginners Diastasis Recovery exercise video to follow at home

diastasis massage

More about the Diastasis Check up

The Diastasis Check Up is a  simple and affordable way to understand more about your body after you have had your baby. It can be done at any stage (whether your babies are still babies or now children) and you can bring babies along if you would like to save arranging childcare!

Once you have booked your appointment, I will send you an online pre-screen form to complete and send back to me prior to our first appointment.

Your appointment will last up to 30 minutes at either location where we will find out more about you and your needs with a chat and then the diastasis check up.

You will then receive your personalised report to your email based on what we have found together and suggestions going forwards.

If you have upgraded for the diastasis recovery massage, this will be added on to your check up so its all at the same time for you. (If you upgrade, its best to find childcare so you can completely relax and focus on you).

What clients have said:

She creates a program specifically for your needs and makes it enjoyable but tough and changes it every time to keep you interested. I highly recommend her to all women!” 

– Emma Bunton, Heart FM

“I’ve been eating well, exercising and following the diastasis recovery programme and am soooo happy with my results. It was tough at the start as a gym junkie to take things slow and give my pelvic floor a chance to recover but I am so glad I did. I am getting stronger by the day and it’s all thanks to you!! I’ve been able to follow my dream and become a Body Attack instructor 😁”

– Kirstie Brady

“Danielle is professional, caring, experienced and great at what she does. I’ve seen her many times for sports massage and in the last year I’ve seen her regularly for postnatal work – restoring my core and pelvic floor and building up my strength and fitness. Danielle has helped me in all areas and made it fun along the way. I thought I would just be regaining my physical strength when I started working with her but I have gained so much more – better emotional health, healthier approach to food/diet and improved hormonal balance. I have loved my sessions with Danielle and can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Hannah Johnson

“I have had the pleasure of spending the past six weeks, working with Danielle on a 121 basis, focusing on my postnatal fitness and health (a gift from my other half!). I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, thorough, adaptable and motivating. Anything she was unsure of, she researched before giving a full answer. I felt confident knowing my plan was bespoke to me and really enjoyed my time with her, even though at times she put me through my paces! Thanks Danielle.”

– Gina Hadjipanayi

The FAQ’s

How far postnatal do I need to be for the Diastasis Check up? It is best to wait until 12 weeks postnatal (even more so if you have also had a c-section) before coming. From that point it can be at any point, even if your babies and now at school!

What do I need to wear for the check up? Wear something that you would wear to exercise in.