Mindful Movement for women

Believe it or not, women need to move differently to men.

“She creates a program specifically for your needs and makes it enjoyable but tough and changes it every time to keep you interested. I highly recommend her to all women!”        Emma Bunton, Heart FM

I’ve been there. I love exercise and movement but I will fill you in to a little secret (I really DISLIKE the gym….hate is a strong word).

I have been lucky enough to work this out early on and change how I exercise to what makes me FEEL great.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t enjoy the gym, given it up and started getting those shoulder pains?

Or you have joined “Bootcamp” and been told your core isn’t strong enough and not to stop after 50 burpees even though your 49th does not feel like your 1st one?

Are you ready to start moving after an injury or surgery, but not sure what you need to do so you don’t re-injure yourself?

Do you want to make small positive steps in terms of moving better, increasing strength and fitness but think going to the gym or seeing a personal trainer feels a bit daunting or scary?

personal training for women hertford

If you have answered yes, I can help you work out what movement makes YOU feel great but we have to start at the beginning, at the foundations.

Just like building a house didn’t begin with the roof, we need to start to build solid core foundations to ease those aches and pains and get the right nutrients into your body. 

How we work together

As we start from the foundations we start with massage and soft tissue strategies to get your body feeling relaxed, calm and open to building strength from. If you have any injuries and aches and pains, we focus on improving them here. We can then add a bespoke movement programme to help build functional strength and fitness.

Through my programs you will be able to understand your body SOOOOOO much better. To know what movement feels good and what your body really NEEDS to function at your best.

Your next steps

We begin with a detailed online questionnaire to see if this programme is the right one for you.

Then we will then chat on the telephone for a consultation to find out a little more from you before we meet for the first session.

In our first session we will go through out hands-on screen which includes looking at how you currently move and where you want to get to. We then work out together how the programme can be tailored to your needs, followed by a massage therapy appointment to get your body moving well.

If you think we can work together, contact me by clicking here


The FAQ’s

Is this personal training?

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer for many years, but the programmes are much more than that. We focus on more than just exercise, but improving your whole wellbeing.

How many sessions will I need?

The packages come in six week and twelve week programmes and we meet once a week. In between you will complete the “At home” exercises. The “At Home” program is essential and will truly make a difference in terms of the results you see and feel. We will keep it fun and on point to your needs and will progress as you become stronger and more balanced.

Where is the programme?

We will work together at: The Hertford Fitness Studios, Hoe Lane, Ware

(If you wish for a home visit, please contact me here).

What do I need to wear?

Please come in comfortable clothing to move in, but elements maybe massage and soft tissue based so you will need to wear suitable attire for massage.