Holistic C-Section Recovery

I am delighted to offer the C-section programme to women in Hertford and Finchley.

If you’ve had a baby by cesarean, no matter how long ago and you core and pelvic floor feels disconnected, this programme for you.

The c-section programme is completely bespoke to you and combines massage therapy, nutrition for healing and recovery and a functional exercise programme that is designed to help you to recover and heal well, improve your belly, ease that back pain and reconnect your pelvic floor so you can move and feel better.

Are you ready to make your self-care a priority and learn how to look after your body for a lifetime with the right food, the right exercise and the best self care strategies?

Why a bespoke c-section programme and who is it for?

Most women aren’t told much about how to recover well after a c-section, or if they are they may not be given the most up to date information.

Recovering after a C-section requires a whole body focus and not just just about the scar itself.

To help heal doesn’t just mean exercising away, your body needs a complete holistic approach which is where I come in!

diastasis recti repair

Together we will focus on how you move, how you breathe and go through strategies to get you moving optimally for recovery. Nutrition and hydration are also key for recovery (and even what your bowel movements are like!) and you are supported every step of the way through this programme to feel and move better.

This programme is for women who are experiencing one or more of these:

  • A c-section scar that looks good but doesn’t quite right.
  • A core that feels weak and disconnected.
  • Ac-section scar that feels tight and restricted
  • Lower back and hip aches and pains.
  • A small diastasis you want to help heal
  • Worried about how your baby belly looks and not sure about the right things to do to help.
  • Your pelvic floor isn’t working optimally and worried about leakage.
  • Have been told by a health professional you need to do your pelvic floor exercises and not sure where to start.
diastasis recovery

What is involved in the programme?

The programme starts with a deep assessment, it is important to get to know you and your body so I can create the right programme for you. It will include a postural and movement assessment to see where you are now and where you want to be.

We focus on soft tissue and remedial massage strategies to begin with to release muscle tension and help you move with ease.

Together we develop a bespoke exercise programme that is progressed within each session to reach towards your goal

A deep nutrition protocol to help healing and an education booklet to help you really understand your body.

baby belly

The nuts and bolts

90 minute initial session which includes your deep assessment, posture, movement and diastasis assessment.

Three 60 minute follow up appointments progressing your work and ensuring you are keeping track on your goal (1-2 weeks apart depending on how you are progressing)

Nutrition and hydration assessment and advice

Bespoke diastasis exercise prescription

Abdominal Scar Therapy

All the exercise equipment you need for the programme

Detailed education booklet on nutrition and your core

Lots of contact and support between sessions

How do I book?

Holistic C-section Recovery Programme

Your Investment: £267

(Or you can by 2 or 3 instalments)