Hysterectomy, C-section and Abdominal surgery

Scar Tissue Therapy and Core Rehab.

Connecting back to your tummy after surgery.

Your tummy may not feel quite right. Everyone has said your scars have healed well or they look good but there is some tightness or pain that doesn’t seem to get better.

If you are here, you know you need a deeper level of care and support to help you to improve how you feel on the inside and out.

hysterectomy scar

This programme is for you if you:

  • Have experienced abdominal surgery and it doesn’t feel quite right and you can’t get to the bottom of it.
  • Want a stronger core and pelvic floor and not worry you will wee when you cough, sneeze or jump.
  • Are experiencing tightness or stiffness around the scar or other parts of the body that you can’t shift no matter the stretches.
  • Touch your tummy sensation is reduced around the scar area and have been told its normal and expected.
  • Are experiencing aches and pains around the lower back, hip area and nothing makes it easier.
  • Experienced poor scar healing after surgery.
  • Want more information on what you can do to look after your body after your surgery for life?.
  • Are ready to understand how your body works so you can support it better.

If you have answered YES, together we can work to find solutions to help you feel more connected and empowered to support your body.

How we work together in this programme

We start from the foundations and getting to know you and your needs with an online pre-screen and consultation form. This means there is more time for the hands on work in your first appointment.

Your programme is completely bespoke to your needs. Together we will go discover where you are right now and where you want to be with some breathing and moving assessments to create the best treatment plan.

A treatment may include:

  • Massage to help get a bigger and better breath to help relax you tummy muscles and also your whole body.
  • Strategies to improve how your scar moves and feels. This may include some massage and some movement, depending on what is right for you.
  • Home care advice for after the session and a plan going forwards.
hysterectomy recovery massage

After the session you will receive a detailed session report discussing everything we have discussed in the session along with exercise and nutrition recommendations. Your home care exercises will be sent to you as a video to continue after the session, as exercises on a piece of paper never make sense outside of a session.

The goal of the programme is to help your body relax and improve the healing and recovery process to allow space for more mindful movement and help you to ease those painful symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing.

We will use some tummy massage techniques to allow move blood flow to the area

At the end of your session we will go through some wonderful home care strategies to help make the most of your massage and to help take control of those aches and pains in pregnancy.

Your home care is then emailed to you (as if you are like me at the end of a massage your attention span is limited!).

Your next steps

If you think we can work together, contact me by clicking  here to arrange your consultation appointment. After then I will send you the online pre-screen and a payment link for the programme prior to our first session.

Your Investment

Abdominal Surgery Scar Tissue Therapy initial session: £125

Abdominal Surgery Scar Tissue Therapy follow up session: £105

The FAQ’s

How long have you been working in women’s health?

I’ve been working in health and wellness since 2007 and specialising in Women’s since 2014.

Where do I go?

I cover various locations in Hertford and can also come to you!

What do I need to wear?

Where something comfortable that you can move easily. For the massage section, you may feel comfortable being in your underwear.