Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Restoring your body before we build function and strength.

“Danielle really knows what she is doing and gets right to the heart of the problem. The treatment is not enjoyable but the results and care are excellent” Penny B

This is where it all starts….. sports and deep tissue massage to begin the journey of moving and feeling well.

Whether you are looking for help relax and unwind or you in pain or discomfort, each appointment is tailored to you.

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What is involved

We go through a detailed pre-screen before you arrive for your massage appointment.

When we meet we will find out what is really going on with discussing on how you feel and looking at how you move. We want to find out what feels good and not so good.

Your massage is then tailored to you. The goal of the session is really help you feel amazing and that’s our focus.

After your session your home care plan is sent to you via email and video recording so you know what exactly you need to do to keep feeling great.



Sports and Deep Massage

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If you are struggling with a recurring injury or struggling to get mobile, sports and deep massage is for you. Using a variety of techniques, together we can find what is causing the problem and preventing you from performing at your best and then get you on the right path to achieve your personal best! (whether its completing a 5k for the first time or completing your 5th marathon!)

This is for you if you don’t feel sporty enough for a sports massage but suffering with muscle aches and pains, the massage can be tailored to you to find out the route cause of your muscle ache and pain and using massage techniques to get you feeling less tense and moving well so you can get on with your day!

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Not sure what massage you need?

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Are you reading this and said to yourself “I know I need a massage but not sure which one?”

Book your free consultation call in and we can find out the best plan for you!

What clients think

“After having a cesarean section I saw Danielle for post-natal recovery massages.  She was able to massage my scar to help prevent scar tissue build up as well as work on my hips and ribs – areas that I had no idea needed some help but they felt unbelievably better afterwards!  She was able to help me with a gentle return to exercise program, focusing on pelvic floor and steady strengthening, her patience and encouragement was so very appreciated” Nikki M

“Danielle White really knows what she is doing and gets right to the heart of the problem. The treatment is not enjoyable but the results and care are good” Penny B

“I went to Danielle with a sore shoulder and tricep. She had a good look at my range of motion and areas that were painful and sore before using massage to relieve the tightness. My arm felt less painful afterwards which was great! As always Danielle really listened to my concerns, used various massage techniques according to how I was feeling, and gave me useful exercises and tips for minimising future pain. Thanks!” Anna S

What happens in your massage appointment?

Getting to know you – Everyone loves a good massage but a great massage can help release muscles that need help. With other techniques we can help re-strengthen muscles and help get you back to daily activities feeling great.

Your session is bespoke to you and your needs – As every body is different, so is your session. Based on what we have found in the consultation and assessment will create a plan of action for therapy. The online form prior to your appointment ensures I have all of the right information before we meet (and also means there is more time for massage!)

Support after your massage – As much as a great session can make you feel great, decrease pain and improve movement, combined with unique home care exercises helps build strength and increase mobility and keeps the muscles relaxed so you can get on with your day. With email and text support and designated client care times I can answer any questions and provide support out of the session.