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Move Every Day Membership

Mobility and core videos delivered to you every week to help you move and feel better.

Launches 4th June 2018!

“She creates a program specifically for your needs and makes it enjoyable but tough and changes it every time to keep you interested. I highly recommend her to all women!”        Emma Bunton, Heart FM

Online Mobility and Core classes with Danielle.

Mobility made easy.

Move Every Day with Danielle: Your answer to moving and feeling better in modern life. For busy lives, find space to reverse the stillness and ease those aches.

This is your stretch class for when it suits you.

I’m Danielle White, a massage, movement and women’s health coach and my passion is helping people find the beat way to reverse postures of sitting and standing, understand how their body works and move and feel AMAZING. I created this as a way for my current clients to have access to the best ways to keep themselves  mobile and injury free and quickly realised there are many people out there that want to stay moving well!

Its easily accessible for any one who struggles for time to add movement into their day and as you can access it from your phone you can literally take me anywhere!

Danielle White Holistic Core Restore Coach

How the programme works

Move Every Day Membership is £4.97 a month. You can cancel anytime and your subscription ends before your next bill is due.

Each Month follows a theme and you can follow as you go or add which ones feel right for you.

Anyone can join whether you are just starting out or already adding mobility into your life.