Pregnancy Massage with a difference

Effective, Relaxing and bespoke. More than just a skin polish.



“The night after the massage I had no leg cramps and the weeks following my lower back felt SOOOO much better” Anna Silva

It can be tricky to find the right pregnancy massage that makes a real difference.

If you are here, you may have had a skin polish massage or squeezed into a massage chair when all you want to do is to lie down!

I know how you feel when a massage just doesn’t quite hit that spot.

Are you feeling those pregnancy aches and pains now? Lower back pain? Calf cramp? Tired feet?

And perhaps you want a little more info on what you can do to feel fewer aches and pains.

Are you ready to  take control of those aches and pains you are feeling at the moment, take time for you to feel less tense, more relaxed and feel a bit more human again? 

Do you want more information on what you can do to look after your body leading up to birth?

If you have answered YES, I can help you feel amazing again!

How we work together in pregnancy massage

We start from the foundations and getting to know you and your needs with an online pre-screen and consultation form. This means there is more time for massage in your first appointment.

Your massage is completely bespoke to what you feel you need right now. Whether its a completely full body, or you are really feeling particular aches and pains that need some help its a complete tailored experience. No routine to ensure you feel truly amazing at the end.

At the end of your session we will go through some wonderful home care strategies to help make the most of your massage and to help take control of those aches and pains in pregnancy.

Your home care is then emailed to you (as if you are like me at the end of a massage your attention span is limited!).

Your next steps

After you have completed your online questionnaire, we will then chat on the telephone for a consultation to find out a little more from you before we meet for the first session.

If you think we can work together, contact me by clicking here


Bespoke Luxury Pregnancy Massage 90 minutes: £105

Bespoke Luxury Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes: £75

The FAQ’s

How long have you been a pregnancy massage therapist?

I’ve been a qualified pregnancy massage therapist since 2014 and a pregnancy massage master trainer since 2015 teaching the Burrell Education Pregnancy Massage and remedial therapy course.

It is my first pregnancy massage, which appointment should I go for?

I always recommend the 90 minute appointment first as this gives us plenty of time for the massage and the home care advice. 60 minutes is great for subsequent treatments.

Where do I go?

Whilst a new space is being searched for I am currently providing massages as a home visit option until the perfect space has been found!

What do I need to wear?

What ever you feel good in. If you feel comfortable I recommend clients where just underwear for the massage (always kept covered by a sheet or a blanket) so clothes aren’t getting in the way!