Run With Ease

Discover how to keep strong when you

increase your mileage!

Strength and Mobility is the most effective way of prevening injury so you can keep on running!

Run with Ease is a 6 week step by step online programme to work alongside your running programme to help you maintain your strength and mobility as you increase your mileage, so you can increase how long you run WITH EASE and get the PB you want!

  • Learn the main areas of movement that directly helps your running performance.

  • A step by step done for you programme that can easily fit into your training week with little equipment.

  • Learn how and why a stronger core and glutes will make a huge difference in how you run.

What you are getting inside Run With Ease:

A 6 week progressive movement programme that works alongside your running schedule to support you as you begin to increase the time you run for and the distance you cover.

Each programme has been made into easy to follow videos with a PDF programme sheet that you can use alongside the videos.

We will focus on four main areas: Release, Mobilise, Activate and Integrate

You get 24/7 Instant access to the programme (including ALL future updates!)

Support from me via facebook or email.

Your Investment: £22

The 4 Key Areas we cover:

Run with Ease Release

Release muscles and movements that feel tight associated with running with foam rollers, massage balls and stretches.

  1. The Feet
  2. The Diaphragm (breathing muscle)
  3. Calves
  4. Thigh and Hip muscles
  5. Back
Run with Ease Release

Mobilise joints to help improve your range of movement and flexibility in those commonly restricted areas.

  1. The Feet and Calves
  2. Hips
  3. Spine
Run with Ease Release

Activate muscles and movements that support running

  1. Foot and Core Connection
  2. Lower Leg
  3. Glutes
Run with Ease Release

Integrate with functional full body movement patterns that mimic the running movement patterns.

What clients have said:

She creates a program specifically for your needs and makes it enjoyable but tough and changes it every time to keep you interested. I highly recommend her to all women!” 

– Emma Bunton, Heart FM

“Thanks again for enabling me to have my longest injury-free period since I started running, which was years ago ?

– Steven Cuthbert

“Training for my first half marathon I was experiencing quite severe knee and ankle pain but could not figure out why. Danielle helped me fix this as well as also giving me warm up and exercises advice to prepare for the big day. I am so thrilled to say that I not only completed my first half marathon but I did so without stopping and completely pain free. I could not have done this without Danielle’s expertise and will definitely be recommending her to others!”

– Jess Cartorc

The FAQ’s

Do you have to be running a marathon for this course? No. Whether you run for 20 minutes or 20 miles these exercises will benefit all levels of runners at all distances.

I have an injury,  am I ok to do this programme? This programme is for people who are injury free and if you are not sure, please seek a health care providers opnion before joining the course.

What equipment do I need for this programme? You will need a foam roller, long and short resistance band and a massage ball. You can find the list of equipment you need here.

Disclaimer: Before embarking on an online programme, please visit our disclaimer page here.