Soft Tissue & Fascial Techniques for the

Spine & Breath 

A Two Day CPD with Danielle White and Pentony O’Hagan

 A brand new offering from Pentony O’Hagan and I focusing on effective soft tissue and fascial release techniques for the spine, breath and core.

This two day CPD focuses on range of movement testing,  observational assessment, manual therapy techniques and home care to help your client with dysfunctions along the spine.

What are the focuses of the course?

  • We will focus on deeper  and more specific range of movement and observational assessments of the spine allowing you to create more effective, targeted treatment plans for your clients.
  • Learn new advanced hands on techniques to improve breathing function and spinal mobility and function that can be used immediately in your clinical setting.
  • Help you to understand how breathing dysfunction is linked to musculoskeletal symptoms in your clients.
  • Develop your movement based soft tissue strategies to integrate in your sessions and provide effective home care for your clients.
  • Help you to focus on providing 360 degree care for your clients improving client results and retention in the longer term.
fascial release for the spine

The course content

Pre Learning content

  • Functional anatomy of the spine focusing on local and global structures ready to learn the practical skills in the hands on learning.
  • Spinal pathologies and considerations for treatment.

Face to Face content

  • Common problems and dysfunctions your client is presented with.
  • Assessment techniques both local and global.
  • Observational assessments for the breath.
  • Soft Tissue Release.
  • Muscle Energy Technique.
  • Fascial release techniques.
  • Trigger Points
  • Movement based soft tissue strategies for the spine.
  • Breath retraining
  • How to integrate your new techniques into your practice and your business successfully.
Massage techniques for the breath

Post Course Content

In addition to the live education, you will receive access to our CPD Online Library after the hands on days have been completed. Here you will have access to videos of all techniques demonstrated on the live weekend.  You will also have access to a homecare library of simple movement strategies that will help your clients to improve overall function.

When you are on a course research shows that you will forget 50%* of the content within days of weeks of being presented with the information.  Every time you review the information/techniques you retain more and more of the information.  By creating an online library for our students with lifetime access you will be able to review and retain all of the information taught in our CPD!

*According to the Hermann Ebbinghuas Forgetting Curve

Your Tutors

Danielle White

Danielle White Soft Tissue Therapy Tutor

Danielle is a soft tissue therapist and movement coach and one of the co-authors of the Burrell Education Sports Massage course. She has been lecturing for 5 years teaching sports massage, pregnancy massage and postnatal remedial therapy and instrument assisted massage. She has a special interest in chronic pain, women’s health and movement rehab.

Pentony O’Hagan

Pentony O'Hagan Fascial release
pentony O'Hagan

Pentony is a soft tissue & movement therapist and is also one of the co-authors of the Burrell Education Sports Massage course.  She has been treating clients for 10 years and lecturing in Sports Massage for 6.  She has a special interest in golf related performance, chronic pain and women’s wellness.

What our students say!

“Pentony and Danielle are excellent and hugely knowledgeable teachers and have put together an amazing course!”

– Student of the sports course.

“It was a privilege to be amongst such knowledgeable tutors who were very supportive!”

– Sacha Lumley

Course Date

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital


Your investment:


(Options to pay in 3 and 6 instalments available)

The FAQ’s

When do I get access to the pre-learning? You will get an email notification that the pre learning is live in August to prepare for the September live days.

How long do I have access to the post course content? You have LIFETIME access to the content! We believe it is important to have lifetime access to be able to recap over the live content to help your practice further.

What do I need to bring for the training days? Please bring a set of towels, couch cover and massage medium of your choice.

What is the assessment process of the course? There is a pre learning exam to be completed online before the live training days begin.