Over the summer I went to Marrakech for my mini-moon. During my trip I experienced a real Morrocan hammam.

It wasn’t the first time; I experienced a budget hammam as a student.  But this was different; a service and experience I have never experienced before.  As massage therapists, we can learn a lot from the hammams and create a massage treatment that is not only effective, but also stands out from other therapists in your local area.

Before I continue, I wanted to say that the massage was amazing!  Besides being one of the best full body massages I have ever had, I think it was the overall experience which left me feeling truly relaxed and cared for and inspired to write this blog.

Here are my takeaways from the experience which I hope can help you create a better service for your clients.

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Provide unexpectecd high value experiences.

When we arrived we thought we knew what to expect from the brochure; a sauna with black soap and exfoliation together with a face mask and 60 minute massage. But we experienced so much more!

What we didn’t expect after the exfoliation was time in the relaxation room with Moroccan mint tea a foot and face massage.  This was all before the 60 minute massage we had booked!

This surprise was definitely welcomed, and we immediately felt like we were the only clients they were servicing (even though I knew there were others in the hammam).

These little surprise extras made our morning. It wasn’t expected nor asked for, but just provided without knowing how much we needed this.

It is easy to provide just a ‘massage and go’ service, but by providing these amazing extras, imagine how great your clients would feel.

What can you do to great an even better service? Some ideas are:

  • Gifts such as massage balls, epsom salts, resistance bands.
  • A small glass of a smoothie or herbal tea

As mentioned in the book ‘Oversubscribed’  by Daniel Priestley, don’t tell your clients everything but leave things as a surprise.

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Be apart of your clients journey.

When language is a barrier, (my Arabic consists only of a few pleasantries) it is difficult to know what is about to happen but each therapist took time and walked us through the process – literally. They walked us between the steam room to the relaxation room, to the therapy rooms and back to the changing rooms.

They held our hand to know where we needed to get to and from and helped us feel calm and relaxed throughout.

Imagine putting yourself in your clients’ shoes; what do they need to know in order to receive the best experience from you, but also what support do they really need?

What steps can you walk them through so that they feel calm and safe in your hands?

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Create a space that reflects the service you offer.

Each room in the hammam reflected exactly how they wanted us to feel. The space and surroundings was not just right, it was perfect.

Each room we went in to was different. The décor carefully chosen for the experience, along with music and lighting.  

The space is a big part of how you want your clients to feel as they arrive, during the treatment and then after they have left.

What can you do in your space to reflect the treatment you are providing but also the support you give to your client?

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If you have come from a holistic massage background, you may have learnt these principles and already add value into your treatments.

When I initially trained in sports massage, this extra service was definitely not discussed or taught, and I had never thought about this (or in fact seen this in a massage I have had before).

What can you do in your massage treatments that goes above and beyond in terms of comfort for your clients?

The 2 hour experience at a Moroccan Hammam taught me a lot about creating that extra special service for clients in a massage.

It is easy to get complacent with your regular clients; but take some time now to think about how you can wow your clients.