When I hear the word exercise, two things spring to mind. 80’s aerobics exercise and an army exercise. None of which I currently do.

Bit when I think of movement, I think of dance, bodyweight exercises, aerial hoop classes, hill walking, cycling (pretty much all of the fun things I like to do).

Which is why I decided to creating the Move Every Day in January Challenge.

Exercise every day

As humans we are designed to move. I have been reading the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari and the first part of the book talks about gatherers and that’s what early homo sapiens were; we walked and gathered food. Not settling anywhere but roaming and constantly on the move.

If you look at our lifestyles now, they are geared for stillness. We stay in the same place, shuffle from room to room, so very different from early humans.

Here are three reasons why doing exercise everyday (or MOVING everyday) is good for you. There are SOOOOOOOO many more reasons but these are the three I wanted to share with you today!

walking on beach

Three Reasons why you should exercise everyday (really I mean move)

  1. Movement helps keep fluids moved around the body to function.

Movement creates a pump helping to move fluids around the body to help with our lymphatic system and circulatory system which helps nourish our tissues and cells. Not only that movement helps hydrate connective tissues and joints. So in a nutshell movement = healthy tissues and cells.

  1. Your brain loves movement

There are so many reasons for the brain to love movement but lets talk about how the brain maps out movement.

In your brain you have something called a body map where the brain has part of it that focuses on the movement and senses of that part of the body. The brain uses these maps to create movement so we need a clear map to create clear movement. (Have you ever followed an inaccurate map?).

When we don’t move due to lifestyle, injury or pain these maps become hazy and smudged (think going from your maps on your phone to an old photocopied map).

But when we move regularly over a long period of time these maps become clearer and more defined.

So the saying “use it or lose it” really does mean something in movement.

  1. Weight bearing movement is great for bone health.

As a woman, bone health is extremely important and as you progress in different life phases, the right movement can help keep your bones strong!

It is all about working from where you are at and increasing gradually. There are lots of benefits to exercise such as swimming, but you need to load your body by using the ground. A great way to start is going for a good power walk!

bone health table

Move Every Day in January!

A great way to get started with exercise in 2018 without getting injured, giving up and waiting another month! Every day from 8th January I will be uploading videos on YouTube and Facebook. Join me for 1 minute of exercise every day from 8th January!

Alternatively if you aren’t on Facebook then sign up to receive the videos to your email each day!