Pregnancy and Postnatal Programmes

Supporting women through pregnancy and postnatal recovery

“Danielle has been doing home visits for me post natally and has really done some fantastic work through massage therapy and exercise. I cannot recommend her enough.” Mrinmayee Kulkani

Diastasis Recovery

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The diastasis programme is completely bespoke to you and combines massage therapy, nutrition for healing and recovery and a functional exercise programme that is designed to help you to recover and heal well, improve your belly, ease that back pain and reconnect your pelvic floor so you can move and feel better.

Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage hertford

Pregnancy has a huge effect on our bodies, both physically and emotionally. Carrying a baby can put a lot of strain on our body and can cause muscle aches and pains. Our pregnancy massage can help find out the problem of your muscle aches and pains, and help you feel less tense, more relaxed and alleviate those pregnancy related aches and pains.

Postnatal Massage and Remedial Therapy

postnatal massage hertford

After having a baby is the time when you need a massage and remedial therapy the most. Your body has been through a great amount of stress through and you definitely need some TLC! Whether you are just in need of some ‘you-time’ or are experiencing muscle aches and pain, the postnatal massage is designed to make you truly feel good again. With help with improving ‘mum posture’, c-section and diastasis recovery we can help you get on with your day easier. With home care exercises and follow on programmes such as The diastsasis recovery programmes all areas of your postnatal wellbeing and care are covered and we are guaranteed to help you feel amazing!

Not sure what help you need?


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Are you reading this and said to yourself “I know I need some help but not sure what?”

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What clients think

“After having a cesarean section I saw Danielle for post-natal recovery massages.  She was able to massage my scar to help prevent scar tissue build up as well as work on my hips and ribs – areas that I had no idea needed some help but they felt unbelievably better afterwards!  She was able to help me with a gentle return to exercise program, focusing on pelvic floor and steady strengthening, her patience and encouragement was so very appreciated” Nikki M

“Danielle White really knows what she is doing and gets right to the heart of the problem. The treatment is not enjoyable but the results and care are good” Penny B

“I went to Danielle with a sore shoulder and tricep. She had a good look at my range of motion and areas that were painful and sore before using massage to relieve the tightness. My arm felt less painful afterwards which was great! As always Danielle really listened to my concerns, used various massage techniques according to how I was feeling, and gave me useful exercises and tips for minimising future pain. Thanks!” Anna S